Save and Pay

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July, 2017 - Current

Save and Pay

Mobile application that serves as a virtual wallet. It is a method through which members of the app can make purchases towards dealers (affiliated to the app) without having to use physical money. This through a barcode generated after each transaction and scanned by the dealer to finalize the purchase. The APP has geolocation to find dealers closest to the member's location
  • Obtain an app to be able to make transactions between members and between members and dealers
  • Develop a functional APP for the member's use within which you can affiliate a bank account where you can deposit your money to be able to use this within Save and Pay
    • Add features such as:
    • Geolocation to find the nearest dealer
    • Creation of double security level (password and pin code)
    • Transfers between users
  • Delimit the geolocation of the dealers to X miles to make the transactions.
  • Create a commission system per transaction made
  • Create a second level of security for transactions (Barcode and pincode)
  • Develop a functional APP for the use of the dealer within which you can create a fund of money obtained through the payment that members make for their products
  • Create levels (types) of dealers (gold, silver, etc) with different benefits each
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